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Empowering Your Business in Korea​

We help businesses accelerate entry ​into the Korean market with our PR and marketing expertise​

We foster growth for global clients in Korea​

At HyperM, our creative approach allows us to strive for big ideas with an even bigger impact. We are leading PR professionals and strategy-driven digital marketers with over two decades of industry experience. We help global clients launch into the Korean market, drive awareness for their business, and foster future growth.​

Who We Are

Who We Are

Your business partner in Korea​

Global companies entering the Korean market partner with HyperM to benefit from a range of comprehensive business development services. As a leading PR and marketing consultancy, HyperM helps businesses establish local offices in Korea before they embark on awareness campaigns, lead generation initiatives, and customer care programs to spearhead their ventures in the Korean market. ​

Our Team

Mina Jeong

Managing Director

Mina is the founder and managing director of HyperM and boasts over 28 years of industry experience. Mina has been a driving force behind the launch and expansion of global brands into the Korean market, helping them build solid reputations as a leading PR and digital marketing expert. ​


Mina has established herself as a powerhouse in the tech PR world by working with over 500 clients. She utilizes a unique integrated marketing approach, demonstrated by an exemplary track record in public relations and communications.

What We Do

Think Global, Act Local

Experience a swift entry ​into the Korean market ​with our PR and marketing expertise​. We use an integrated digital marketing approach to create impact for global clients in the technology, healthcare, retail, and automotive industries in South Korea.​

Public Relations

Navigating new markets comes with unexpected challenges including cultural differences and language barriers. At HyperM, we use our extensive knowledge of PR and communications to help global clients connect with Korean audiences. Our range of PR services will help you prepare for the Korean market and ensure your brand stands out with a stellar reputation. ​

Digital Strategy

We don’t just help brands stand out; we help them stay relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape. The HyperM team identifies what makes our clients unique to create memorable campaigns tailored to Korean audiences. With a fully integrated approach to digital marketing, HyperM leverages blog posts, engaging video content, and impactful social media campaigns to build awareness for our clients. ​

Selling products alone isn't enough. Brands that resonate have a compelling vision guiding them to success. Xiaomi, a Chinese tech company, aims to "make friends with users and be the coolest company in users' hearts," going beyond just selling gadgets. Xiaomi challenges stereotypes with its honest, innovative, and customer-centric approach.

1. Establish a Compelling Vision ​​

Expanding into new markets is easier by partnering with existing companies to gain consumer trust. U.S.-based Corning has built a “friend” image in South Korea over 50 years through local collaborations and social responsibility. Samsung Electronics recently recognized Corning as a valuable community partner at its 50th anniversary.

2. Cultivate Genuine Partnerships ​

Maintaining a consistent brand identity across diverse markets is essential for global recognition. Alcantara, a luxury Italian textile brand, emphasizes its heritage and commitment to sustainable manufacturing with its 'Made in Italy' branding, helping it uphold its premium status and stand out from competitors.

3. Maintain Brand Consistency ​


Enhancing Brand Image for a Global Audience  ​

Every nation has a deep history and complex relationships with its neighbors, often necessitating cooperation despite past conflicts. At Allison, our teams collaborate across markets to support clients' regional business objectives. We understand the power of public sentiment and how political tensions can even influence beer sales.

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